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Track events and announcements for your Web3 projects, all in one place
Automatically populate your calendar and get notifications based on what's in your wallet - always for free 
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Degenda helps you stay on top of Web3 events & announcements for the projects you're a part of.

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Minimize the noise

Never miss what's important

chronological list view of web3 and nft events

One source of truth

Degenda serves as an all-in-one place for all the important events and announcements for your Web3 projects. We automatically scan your wallet to populate your calendar & notifications with what you don't want to miss.

Filter your calendar & notifications by both project and criticality to minimize noise and focus on what's important to YOU. All events & notifications are assigned criticality levels, so you can plan ahead with no stress. 

Discord is great, but servers can be chaotic. All too often degens miss important events and announcements as they don't have time to check every project notification. With Degenda, you'll never miss out on anything.

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daily view of web3 and nft events

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Connect your wallet

Degenda safely and securely scans your wallet for partnered Web3 projects. 

Scan QR code with our mobile app 

Scan the QR Code with the Degenda mobile app to

automatically populate your calendar and start receiving notifications about important announcements for your Web3 projects.


Customize your calendar & notifications!

Filter events & announcements by project and importance to create the custom calendar and notifications you need. We help you cut through the chaos, and minimize noise. 


For Projects

Partner with us

Are you a Web3 Project that wants to provide the utility of Degenda for your community? 

Degenda lets you automatically update your community with important events & announcements so they don't miss anything, from project activities like proposal voting deadlines or claim windows, to security risks. Our web portal allows you to easily upload events & announcements that are automatically added to the Degenda app for your community - or let us take care of everything with our white glove offering. 


The Team

Meet the degens behind Degenda

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